Little Sponges 

"Where a child is given the opportunity to absorb The very best right from the beginning"

Recommended Locations & Sites


Come check out our new program we have implemented in our daycare center. 

Sign up online and view all of your child's day to day activities for as long as they have been enrolled!

PM Pediatrics 

This is a great doctors office for when your children are sick and your doctors office is closed. 
They open at 12:00 PM and close at 12:00 AM all week long. They are also open Saturdays & Sundays til 12:00 AM.

Child Health Plus 

Need affordable health insurance for your children? Child health plus is a government funded health insurance that goes by your monthly income. This a great way to ensure your children to have health insurance plan for as low as $9.00 per month!

Mabel's Labels 

Mabel's Labels is a great website to order trendy labels for your children's clothes, bottles, shoes etc. Their labels are waterproof and can withstand a lot, all at affordable prices!