Classrooms/ Programs:


(6 weeks old - 

18 Months)


(12 months - 

24 Months)

Toddlers / 

Creative Nursery 

( 18 Months - 

36 Months Old)

Pre K 3

(3 - 4 years of Age)

Pre K 4

(4 - 5 Years Of Age)


(5- 6 years of Age)

School Age

(6 - 12 Years Of Age)

Summer Camp

( 5 - 12 Years Of Age)

Dance & Musical Theater Program

( 2 - 12 Years Of Age)

*Please keep in mind that we do follow the Nassau County cut off date (December 1st) in regards to placement in our programs. 

Little Sponges Age Group Programs

Here at Little Sponges we use a variety of age appropriate activities and school district curriculum to help each individual child reach their potential. These curriculum's follow the guideline of approval of The National Association of the Education of Young Children. The program meets the changing needs of individual children by providing a safe and appropriate environment that is both challenging and stimulating. As the children develop independence and feelings of autonomy, the staff will provide opportunities for exploration and the development of gross and fine motor skills, self-help and language skills. The children can enjoy a variety of indoor/outdoor activities as they choose from a wide selection of equipment and toys.

During the preschool years, children are involved in active learning through discovery and hands-on activities which will encourage social/emotional skills language development, pre-math and reading skills, creativity, and the development of positive self-esteem. Each child is encouraged to make appropriate choices and reach his or her highest potential within an appropriate, nurturing environment. Our curriculum offers a large variety of activities to help each child master the readiness skills needed to go on to kindergarten. All children go outside at least once a day weather permitting for a walk or to play. Our Kindergarten program is a combined curriculum that meets all common core standards according to the education department.

Our Program Goals

The goal of Little Sponges is to provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood program that meets the needs of each individual child.

Our goal is to provide the following.

 - A healthy, safe, nurturing environment; 

 - An environment which encourages emotional, social, physical, and intellectual 


 - An environment that will encourage the development of a positive self image.

 - An environment that will provide learning experiences through discovery, exploration, 

    and hands-on activities; 

 - An environment that will make learning fun so that children will develop a desire to be 

     lifelong learners; 

 - An environment that will encourage language development, creativity, and an 

    appreciation of fine arts; 

 - An environment that will encourage children in learning how to interact successfully 

    with other children and adults, and how to live together in a cooperative environment 

    which promotes decision-making, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and respect for and 

    care of others; 

 We will always work towards forming a cooperative partnership with parents so that we 

   can work together to meet the needs of each child, and insure a positive early 

   childhood experience