(6wks - 12 months)

Our Infant Staff knows how important it is for infants to be in an environment that is warm, nurturing, loving and stimulating. With that being said, our young infants are immersed in a curriculum that is inviting and promotes multiple opportunities for sensory as well as motor activities. The program is developed in a developmentally appropriate manner to help infants build on their cognitive skills. These skills are developed through a well planned day full of activities that encourage our curious, eager learners to interact with their peers as well as our trained staff. 

Twoddlers / Mobile Infants
(12 - 18 Months)

Our Twoddler staff knows how important it is for our older mobile infants to be in an environment that is not only nurturing and stimulating, but that is also filled with opportunities and meaningful experiences to help nurture the rapid growth and curiosity of our on the go infants. Our twoddler curriculum is filled with hands on activities, that scaffold on learned experiences, as well as expand and explore new learning environments and milestones.