Little Sponges 

"Where a child is given the opportunity to absorb The very best right from the beginning"


Quotes I have been blessed for the past 4.5 years at Little Sponges. Little Sponges is a nurturing home away from home. LS is great for working parents that need a safe environment for their children while they work. With all the dangers and situations going on in our society what I prefer most about LS is the security. Children's SAFETY is number ONE at all times. Little Sponges has the best secured Day Care in Long Island. Little Sponges is a safe environment which is highly monitored to ensure the safety of the children. At LS my daughter received the best care possible, with a great foundation that continues to carry her at 2nd grade. She was ahead of the game before starting 1st grade with reading and math. What's most important is not what we need but what our children need to succeed and be safe. My son is in Pre-K 3 and he loves his teachers and classmates. He is learning so much and continues to excel. When he was an infant, he had some developmental issues but I thank Little Sponge Quotes
Maria Abels

Quotes Both my children currently attend Little Sponges, I am at ease when I drop them off. Its great to know that my kids are taken care of with Love and affection and learning when I have to go to work. Little Sponges is great ! Quotes