Little Sponges 

"Where a child is given the opportunity to absorb The very best right from the beginning"


Quotes My son started at Little Sponges when he was just 4 months old. I would call every single day at lunch to talk with his infant, twoddler and toddler teacher and see how everything was going. Never once, was I not able to communicate with his teacher on a daily basis. This was very important to me. He is now almost 3 years old and has made such good friends and enjoys going to school every day. Little Sponges is not like an ordinary "daycare", my son has learned so much from all his wonderful teachers. His vocabulary, mannerisms and behavior are outstanding. The administrators are also very easy to deal with and always there to help and assist with any concerns I may have. I am very happy to have found such a nurturing environment for my son while I am at work. You are all truly a blessing! Quotes
Lucas' Mom

Quotes i can't say enough good things about Little Sponges. Director, Linda Castro works hard to provide every child with a plan specially suited to his or her own level of development and personal needs. When we really needed somewhere where i could leave my son, daily, and feel he was safe and was going to be treated well... Little Sponges appeared to us like a gift from god... I"M NOT KIDDING. Thank you, Linda, and your staff... for making my son, Dylan, always feel like he belonged... and for teaching him so much stuff... both academically and socially. Dylan and I both love Little Sponges and would not had left if we had not moved over 100 miles away. Thanks for everything... and people... do not hesitate to go to Little Sponges and see what they have to offer... It truly is a beautiful place. <3 Quotes
Dylan's Mom

Quotes It is natural feeling of great satisfaction for any parent to know that each day while they are at work their child goes to a place where they are loved and cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children. It is rare that you can find people you trust with your most valuable investments in life; your children. Little Sponges goes beyond that and over the past 2 years, Little Sponges has become part of our extended family. Our daughter is about to graduate from PreK4 & in addition to the social & behavioral skills she has acquired over the past year, we were blown away last week when she picked up a book and read a sentence to us. We?d like to thank the entire staff at Little Sponges, and especially Linda, Kirk, Ms.Kelly and Ms.Maxime for all their hard work, patience and determination. You guys are awesome Quotes

Quotes We met both Linda and Kirk in 2010 when we were looking for a day care for my then 2 year old son Dean. Who would of know that not only did we find a safe, loving and fun place for him but an entended family that you cannot put a price tag on. I know have a 20 month old daughter Giana and she is extreamly happy to go see her teacher and friends every day. Quotes
Hiram & Patricia Diaz

Quotes My daughter Julianna started when she was 18 months, now she is almost 3 and there was not one day she refuses to go to this Day Care. They have wonderful teachers and programs. My daughter counts to 20, knows colors, sings so many songs, speak very well, I highly recommend it! Quotes

Quotes If you are looking for a home away from home for your child , Little Sponges is the perfect place. My Son has been attending Little Sponges for four years and I never once had to think twice when leaving him there. My son is always happy and eager to go to school. He enjoys school and has learned so much that everyone thinks he is older. The teachers really care about the kids there, its not just a school , its a great big family. Im so glad we found Little Sponges. Quotes

Quotes Little Sponges is a wonderful and safe environment for children. Linda Castro has 24 years of experience and has created the best facility in Long Island. My daughter continues to have a great experience while at Little Sponges. All classes are academically based and my daughter is 4 and she enjoys reading, math, social studies, science and language arts. I don't know of any other day care/Pre-school that can provide what Little Sponges gives me on a daily basis. They provide their students with Dance, Karate, Sign Language, Cooking for Kids, etc. My daughter enjoys participating in the recitals every year. This is more than a nurturing school it has a family atmosphere that I love. I know that my daughters well-being is always a priority. Their pricing is very good for all that my daughter receives on a daily basis. They also provide lunch daily and let me tell you the food is fresh and healthy. My family is very fortunate to have found Little Sponges. Quotes

Quotes Little Sponges is a home away from home. It's a very nuturing environment for my infant. As a working parent it's important to find a daycare facility that I can feel free of worry and go to work at ease. The facility is very clean especially the infant room. They are fully equiped with cribs, swings, jump-a-roos, exersaucers, bouncers, mats, learning toys that my son loves. I have gone out and purchased some of the same items for my home so he can have fun at home too. When he is ready they are going to teach him simple sign-language so he can communicate with teacher and other infants. Some of the older infants do it now, I can't wait! I love when I get artwork from my son. They use his hands or feet to create artwork that I get to take home and cherish for the rest of my life. He is always clean and information is communicated daily to ensure I know how his day was spent. I love Little Sponges and I recommend it to anyone that needs childcare. It's a great place!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Little Sponges has great facilities, caring administrators and many many activities. They always have the best interest of the children in mind. The Pre-K & K curriculum is above their grade level & challenges them, so much that my son was reading before his 5th birthday. They have recitals & plays which help build self esteem and the children are always rewarded & made to feel special. Quotes
A Little Sponges Parent

Quotes My daughter attended this school from the age of 2 until she completed Pre-K and it was the best thing I could have ever done for my child. By the age of 4 my daughter was almost fluent in sign language and she could write complete sentences. Today she is 7 years old and speaks better than most adults I know. She is even testing at a 4th grade level. I am forever grateful to the staff of Little Sponges and I thank Linda Castro for all of her hard work and dedication to our children. I recommend this school and I promise that enrolling your child will be the best thing you could ever do as a parent. This place gives them the biggest head start on life. Quotes
Leslie Sastre