Little Sponges 

"Where a child is given the opportunity to absorb The very best right from the beginning"

The protocols put in place at Little Sponges are in line with the Guidelines placed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

(Click the picture to go to the CDC website)

Little Sponges offers the following: Infant, Twoddlers, Toddlers, Creative Nursery, Pre-k 3, Pre-k 4, School Age Hybrid Learning/Summer Camp!                                                         

Little Sponges is aware how difficult it is to adjust to the new norm. We would like to offer NEW parents one month of tuition FREE . (applies to new enrollment only) 
Please call for more information! 

*** Children 3 and under are not required to wear face masks. ***

  • "I love Little Sponges! They are so good to my little guy. He started there at 6 weeks and is now a year and a half. Every single person who works there knows us and cares about ..."
  • "My son started at Little Sponges when he was just 4 months old. I would call every single day at lunch to talk with his infant, twoddler and toddler teacher and see how everyth..."
    Lucas' Mom
  • "My daughter Julianna started when she was 18 months, now she is almost 3 and there was not one day she refuses to go to this Day Care. They have wonderful teachers and programs...."